KPG FitnessOur Story

KPG fitness specialise in women’s body transformation, weight management (loss or gain) and lower body sculpting. The talented team at KPG fitness have an array of expertise which will unequivocally help you achieve your personal goal.

My name is Kimberley, founder of KPG fitness. I wanted to share a little of my story with you. At the age of 16 I joined a gym. I used it for leisure and loved training but I wasn't addicted. My addiction began years later, after an event that left me struggling. The gym became my escape, when I was training I was healing, so I kept returning. After training for a year, I wanted to understand the mechanics and physiology behind hypertrophy, weight loss and increased endurance. I was in a much happier and forgiving place and I felt that for me it was a career I would love to be involved in. I wished to expand my knowledge and in turn help other people to a happier and healthier self. Health and fitness was an industry that felt like the perfect avenue to channel my innate passion for nutrition and exercise. Therefore, alongside my Psychology qualification, I extended my studies with a Personal Training diploma and a BS(c) hons Sport and Exercise Science degree. I worked in a gym for years, growing my personal training business, training clients in local areas and coaching clients online. Through this I grew and KPG fitness was born due to demand. We wanted a way to help as many people as possible in an effective and efficient approach.

Here at KPG fitness we believe in you, we want you to believe in you too. Our mission is to help people become healthier not only through training and nutrition, but also through mind. With the expertise of our personal trainers and coaches, paired with years of experience and skill sets ranging from Psychology, Biomechanics, Anatomy, Biology and Physiology, together we can certainly achieve your goal.

Our personal trainers will coach you from the beginning of your journey, so you will always have a coach accountable. Your fitness journey starts by conducting a full detailed audit of your diet, after assessment we create an eating plan specifically for you (within your macros) which will be a completely sustainable lifestyle change. From there, we build a workout plan that is personal to you.

We expect a lot from our clients whether it is during a 121 training session or our online clients. We will do everything necessary to get you results as long as your willpower is present, our systems and training approaches produce real and significant results.

When you are working out, we want you to work out smart, in the most efficient way. Therefore our specially designed training plans and 24/7 support, advice and encouragement will help you to accomplish this! We have also created an information/learning section from regularly asked questions to help you gain a better understanding.