December 1st

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The most important month of the year has begun: DECEMBER

Whilst some people are starting to relax and fall off track (and digressing), it is your chance to make as much progress as you can and complete the goals you’ve planned! Finish the year off strongly so you can go into 2018 with the best head start and mind-set. Get ahead of your competition and put yourself in a powerful position for what next year brings. It’s time to up the anti!

We have 31 days to prepare for 2018, I want you to finish off all the stuff you can for 2017 that can be left in this year and move on to bigger and more valuable goals for the next year. Get your body and mind in a healthy state, plan future goals, harder tasks to complete and stepping stones to help reach these goals. Everything runs a lot smoother when we plan it.

Stay focused, you’re the only one who can make your dreams happen, so don’t waste this time! Let’s work.