How do you lose fat from a specific area?

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So, one of the most common questions I hear is ‘how do I only lose weight from my…’

 I’m here to explain!

The ability to burn fat generally comes down to genetics, through our metabolisms. This dictates how efficiently we utilise energy and why some people struggle to put on weight when they are consuming vast amounts of food. The other important consideration in this process is our hormones. As we know, there isn’t one type of food or one specific exercise that will spot reduce fat in one particular area.

The rule of thumb is consuming less calories than we are burning, this makes sense in basic terms. However, relying on calories in vs calories out as a key to weight loss is all well and good but it isn’t our metabolism that decides to burn or to store body fat; the decision is made by our hormones! High quality calories triggers the hormone to burn fat, whereas low quality calories triggers the hormones to store body fat. It is so essential that your food is of high quality calories.

It is impossible for us to chose where body fat is eliminated from, each individual’s body has a natural process of where it either draws fat from or stores fat primarily. Some people will lose weight from their stomach first, others it might be their hips or legs. Learn how your body works and keep training!