January; the beginning of the journey.

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Of course, change can begin on any date, on any month and any year. But personally, I love the 1st of the 1st. Its a brand new year, clean slate and a fresh state of mind. Don’t expect your life to change, until you decide to make change a priority! A change only occurs when you prioritise what you want – and what you don’t! Don’t run the same patterns or habits, this year, focus on bettering yourself.

January is the best month ever for change. Everybody is so motivated and excited and as a coach and personal trainer, I LOVE IT! Don’t waste another day, lets get you to where you want to be! Healthier, happier, stronger and more confident. It’s all about the choices you make everyday so 2018 is the year for change for you. Let me help!

This month we are running a 6 week challenge. Prize for the biggest transformation. Specialised training plans and nutrition plans available whether you train in a gym or at home. Message us for more info!