Make the most of Mondays!

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Monday!  A new week, a new plan!

How much action are you going to take this week?

Your level of activity and time you spend planning is your main focus for the morning. Do you know what you want to accomplish this week? How healthy do you want to live? What exercise do you need to do on which days?


You won’t change your life until you give yourself time to work and create yourself. The number one reason people don’t reach their full potential is because they don’t give themselves the time to imagine a new life, a new body, to dream it and vision it – and then work for it. So spend Sunday night or Monday morning planning what goals you need to reach this week to push you closer.

You’re only stuck in a job if you don’t have a plan for your life. Many people believe that the only way to make money is by having a job/working for a company – giving your time in exchange for a salary. This is true to an extent, we need money in order to exist. However, don’t get stuck in a job you don’t enjoy, working long hours making other people rich whilst you struggle to pay the rent.

When you have a plan for your life, your 9-5 job will be paying you to move ahead with your personal goals, then when your life plan is solid, your job is just there for you as a stepping stone; to develop new skills, build connections, and accumulate wealth. By now you will be excited for your alarm to ring on a Monday morning! You will feel purposeful and that’s a great feeling!

Today, I want you to focus on being productive rather than busy. Set yourself 3 significant goals to achieve this week that will help you towards the end goal. Whether this is fitness related, about your own well-being, or a business idea. These will be small goals that are achievable. Don’t set yourself anything that isn’t reachable.

By the end of the week these goals will have been met and you are now closer to your long term plan! Monday will soon be round to plan again, keep the progress up and you will reach your full potential!